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A reliable and trusted is a lightweight but very effective Registry cleaner for fixing your PC problems, which has established itself by providing the cutting-edge solutions that thoroughly scan, repair and compact your PC Registry files. The built-in features can effectively optimize your Windows System and thus improve your computer performance and speed.
  • Scan and Fix the Registry-related problems (17 varied scanning options covering all sections of Windows-based operating systems).
  • Compact the Registry files for eliminating the Registry fragments.
  • Backup the Registry files before scanning and fixing to guarantee a failure repair can be recovered (including mandate backup and manual backup).
  • Recover & Optimize the default Windows setting to speed up PC performance with the rich built-in utilities (System Optimizer, IE Restore, Tweak Memory, Junk Files Cleaner, Error Utilities, ect.).
The program is designed to be a very easy, intuitive and effective to use for scanning, repairing the Registry-related PC problems and optimizing the performance with few clicks. Within minutes your PC will be back performing as best as it can. But if you are willing to take time to explore the other built-in features you will be amazed to find so many powerful tools for taking care of your PC, which is designed by the professional and experienced system maintenance experts in the industry.

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A reliable and trusted is platform-rich PC repairing and optimizing suite. It supports all versions of Windows-based operation systems from Windows ME to the latest Windows Vista. What can be amazing of all is that it offers loads of goodies, such as Startup Manager to manage the startup programs and Add/Remove Programs Manager to uninstall the program much faster and more efficiently than the standard Window Add/Remove applet can do. It makes the program the complete tool for PC maintenance. A reliable and trusted can be very beneficial for both professional and newbie, it is very easy to use, it enables you to perform a lot of operations without any difficulties or troubles.

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With the trusted registry cleaner you can scan and fix:

ActiveX, OLE, COM sections The ActiveX, OLE, COM sections of registry contain some invalid entities that could cause system error, and application crash.
Uninstall Sections The Uninstall Entries section of registry contains some invalid entities that link to the missing entities. This is caused by the incorrect installing and uninstalling of application in system.
Font Sections The Font Entries section in registry contains some invalid entities that could cause the abnormal font style in applications. Shared DLL's Sections
Shared DLL's Sections The Shared DLL section in registry contains some invalid or damaged entities that could cause the DLL conflict between two applications.
Help Section The Help File Information section of registry contains one ore more invalid entities that cause help file opening fail.
Startup Programs The startup Program section of registry contains some invalid and damaged entities that would bring startup error and cause system slow when Windows start up.
Invalid Shortcuts The Shortcut section of registry may contain some invalid shortcut entities that link to the missing .exe file. This is caused by incorrectly installing and uninstalling software, or moving .lnk file.
Empty Registry keys Empty registry key refers to the entities in registry that no value to associate with.
Invalid File Associations The File Association section of registry may contain invalid file associations. If a file type is associated with a program that does not exist then it shows up as an irregularity.
Sounds sections The sounds section of registry may contain some junk entities that cause system slow.
Start Menu Items The Start Menu Section of registry may contain invalid entities linked to start menu programs.
Recently Used Files Some registry entities that were used recently.
File Extension Some invalid file extension entities may be existed in registry.
User Software Settings The registry may contain some invalid or damaged user software settings records that need to be cleaned or repaired.
System Software Settings The registry may contain some invalid or damaged system software settings records that need to be cleaned or repaired.
Application Paths Application Paths section of registry may contain invalid entities that point to the incorrect application path.
System Service System Service section of registry may contain some damaged entities related to system services.

With the trusted registry cleaner you can restore and optimize you PC with the built-in toolkits:

  • Startup Manager administers which applications are launched at the system startup the way you want.
  • System Optimizer can automatically optimize the model of your selection to the optimal speed by disabling some unnecessary applications or services under certain environment.
  • Add/Remove Programs Manager is a better and easier way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted application that standard Windows Add/Remove Program can't remove.
  • Block ActiveX can be used to manage ActiveX controls installed on your PC system by blocking malicious controls.
  • Junk Files Cleaner scans and cleans up the junk files from your system to provide more free space on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.
  • Tweak Memory tweaks the memory of your PC system, recover the memory and make your PC run faster without causing any instability of your system.
  • Internet Explorer Restore allows to restore all the original settings of your IE.
  • System Restore Point can be used to create and name your own restore points at any given time.
  • Browser Helper Object Manager easily manage all the BHOs which can be adware or spyware.
  • Register ActiveX re-registers ActiveX and .dll objects' registry keys to solve the curious problems on your system such as: unable to open new IE windows, website displaying incomplete, unable to auto update Windows, unable to select films model to watch picture, random error with Media player, and so on.
  • Clean History completely remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's performance.
  • Error Utilities scans and fixes your Windows system errors, protect your Windows system from crashing,freezing and blue screen problem.

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